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A Dedicated Staff Committed to make Your Dining Experience Memorable in Sunset Bar & Grille

About Sunset Bar & Grille

A Dedicated Staff Committed to make Your Dining Experience Memorable

Sunset Bar & Grille opened its doors to hungry patrons and debuted an "Intercontinental" fusion cuisine menu on Tuesday March 2, 2021. Sanjiiv "Paul" Duggal took over the Days Inn on Santa Fe Trail and realized that the restaurant needed a lot off updating. The restaurant basically was dormant and nothing was going on.

Paul was determined to change the look and feel of the restaurant and he wanted to offer something delicious that had a mixture of cultures. To do that he brought in a chef from Atlanta, Muthu Pandy, whose capabilities were familiar to him. Pandy helped Paul create the menu that they describe as "fusion" food while offering American dishes along with Thai and Indian food.

Sunset Bar & Grille plans to offer Sunday Brunch, "Chef Tables", and Family Dinner Night options in the future, but it is not clear yet when these options will become fully available.

Executive Chef Muthu Pandy

Executive Chef, Muthu at Sunset Bar & Grille in Trinidad, Colorado

The executive chef, Muthu Pandy, is classically trained and educated from a premier culinary institute. His cooking style traces its roots from classic French and Italian traditions balancing European traditional cooking techniques with Asian minimalism and Indian and American ingenuity. The results are unique and highly personal cuisine that excites the palate and soothes the soul.

The menu is filled with options for vegetarians and meat lovers created by Muthu that has travelled globally as a chef and picked up new cuisines from all over the world, which now are being offered to to hungry patrons in Trinidad, Colorado. According to Pandy, its a bit of ambitious menu, but it works.

What Our Customers Say

"Wow! Fine dining finally comes to Trinidad! Thank you so much for waking up my taste buds with so many flavors. The mushroom ambrosia soup is just that, ambrosia! We ate on Easter Sunday, as well. It was a special menu. Very delicious. Thank you!"
Cristy Street